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Enjoy a high-end experience without compromises.

Chrono Aviation is a charter airline based in Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski. Our pledge: to offer you a charter flight service with high-end safety, comfort and flexibility.

Total Flexibility

  • Charter a plane 24/7

  • Take off with less than two hours notice

  • Design your own itinerary and schedule

Safety and Comfort

  • Ultramodern planes

  • Private terminals for efficiency

  • Food catering and bar services

There is no doubt in my mind that you offer one of the best air charter services on the market.
— Mathieu Savard, Project Director, Virginia Mines Inc.

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Canada - USA - International

Chrono Aviation's charter flight service is available all across Canada and the United States. We also serve many international destinations. We land wherever your business takes you!

Northern and Arctic regions

All our pilots possess a solid experience flying to northern and Arctic territories. This allows us to land safely at airports with short gravel runways that are not served by regular airlines.

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Modern and safe aircraft

The largest charter fleet in Quebec

Chrono Aviation operates the largest air charter fleet in Quebec. We offer state-of-the-art aircraft that are among the safest in the world. From carrying up to 120 passengers in total comfort to delivering sensitive cargo, we will help you choose the plane and configuration that meet your needs.

Fly safely

The highest standards. The only ones we accept.

BARS Registered Aircraft Operator

Chrono Aviation is registered as a Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Aircraft Operator with the Flight Safety Foundation.

Exhaustive verifications

Our aircraft maintenance standards largely exceed the requirements of Transport Canada and are among the most stringent in the industry.

Experienced pilots

Chrono Aviation's pilots are trained at the best flight schools and in the world's most advanced flight simulators.

They charter with Chrono!

Over 800 clients - Over 2000 flights per year

Chrono is more than a provider of chartered flights. It is a true partner dedicated to the success and efficiency of our operations.
— Guy Bourassa, President and CEO, Nemaska Lithium

Frequently asked questions

About our charter flights

What is a charter flight?
A charter flight is a flight where you rent (charter) the aircraft for your exclusive use. When you reserve a charter flight with Chrono Aviation, you are in control! You take off at the time you want and fly to the destination of your choice. Of course, you enjoy the same flexibility on the way back.


How much does a charter flight cost?
The price of each flight is determined by the departure and destination locations as well as the various charges that we must pay: flight crew, fuel, landing fees, ramp fees, navigation services, etc. When we give you a quote for your flight, the total price always includes theses charges. There are no hidden fees!

Is a charter flight cheaper than a commercial flight?
With a charter flight, the entire aircraft is at your disposal. Thus, the number of passengers does not affect the cost. From as little as four passengers, a charter flight often becomes more economical than a commercial flight. And because you determine the flight schedule, you have the option of returning home in the evening to save hotel and meal fees.

Can a charter flight be one-way only?
Of course! Note that the cost of a one-way flight is about the same as that of a round-trip flight because the aircraft must always return to its base. You will, however, save the crew accommodation fees at the destination.

Airports and destinations

What airports do you fly out of?
We have aircraft based and always ready to leave at Saint-Hubert, Montreal (Dorval), Quebec (Jean-Lesage) and Rimouski. We can also pick you up at any other airport that works best for you.

What destinations do you fly to?
Our charter flight service is available all across Canada and the United States. We also serve many international destinations. Whatever your destination, count on us to take your to the nearest airport.

Schedules and reservations

What are the departure times?
We depart at whatever time is best for you! You are in control of the flight schedule and itinerary. You leave and return at the moment you choose. This allows you to make the flight schedule fit your activities, not the other way around!

Once at destination, can I change the return time?
Of course! The aircraft is at your entire disposal. Therefore, you can change the time of the return flight if you need to.

How long before departure should we arrive at the airport?
Reserving a charter flight with Chrono Aviation lets you skip the long waiting lines of commercial airports. This means you can arrive only 15 minutes before takeoff. If you are few minutes late, we will wait for you.

How long in advance should I book my flight?
We can leave with less than two hours notice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!


What if I must cancel my charter flight?
If you must cancel your flight, please let us know as soon as possible by calling 1 855 247-6661. Cancellations fees may apply.


For a US-bound flight, how does going through customs work?
Chrono Aviation complies with all American regulations. Before any US-bound flight takes off, we send the names of the passengers and the flight itinerary and schedule to US customs. Our passengers go through customs at their destination airport. It is a quick procedure. If your destination airport does not have a customs office, we will stop at the nearest one,


How many passengers can you carry?
Our aircraft can carry up to 120 passengers plus the flight crew. Multiple interior configurations are available to meet your precise needs.

How much baggage can each passenger bring?
Each passenger can bring a suitcase or a small bag weighing up to 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) on each flight. This restriction does not apply to flights aboard the Falcon 50EX private jet. Of course, transportation of dangerous goods is strictly prohibited. For more information, please see our baggage and dangerous goods policies.


Are your planes well maintained?
For Chrono Aviation, the maintenance of our planes is paramount and will never be compromised in order to offer lower prices. Our monitoring and maintenance standards largely exceed the requirements of Transport Canada and are among the most stringent in the industry.

Who pilots your planes?
All our aircraft are flown by an experienced and certified pilot and co-pilot. Chrono Aviation's pilots are trained at the best flight schools and in the world's most advanced flight simulators.

We select each of our pilots according to very strict criteria: full training, flight experience, demonstrated skills and the desire to be the best in the industry. Like all our staff members, our pilots offer a courteous and attentive service to every one of our passengers.

Are your planes loud?
Our planes are among the quietest in their category. You will be able to comfortably sleep, work or talk with other passengers.

Is there a restroom on board?
Our Dash-8 100, Falcon 50EX and Boeing 737-200 aircraft are equipped with an onboard restroom. For other aircraft types, we advise that you use the restrooms located at our terminals before or after your flight.

Do you offer internet access on board?
No. You will, however, find complimentary Wi-Fi internet access in each of our terminals.

Can we eat and drink on board?
A high-end catering service and a bar service are available upon request on all our flights. The crew can serve you cold meals, snacks, drinks and refreshments at the time that suits you.


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