Flight Operations Director

(Permanent position/full time)

Reporting to the President and Vice President of Operations, The Flight Operations Director fulfills the requirements of the position defined by CASS 725, as well as the requirements of CAR 573.03 in the exercise of SMS duties. The Flight Operations Director is responsible for the day-to-day operational activities of the Flight Operations Department to ensure they are conducted in a safe and economical manner in accordance with Company policy and all regulatory requirements.



  • Advises the Accountable Executive and Vice President of Operations on operational and technical matters;

  • Ensures effective Operational Control and Operational Standards of all aeroplanes operated;  

  • Identifies operation coordination functions which impact operational control (e.g. maintenance, crew scheduling, load control, equipment scheduling);

  • Manages et coordinates the organizations:

-         Flight Operations

-         Dispatch

-         Cabin Safety

-         Crew Scheduling and Rostering

-         Training and Standards programs

-         Safety Management System (SMS) and Flight Safety Program

-         Emergency Response Program

  • Supervises content, production and amendments of the Company Operations Manual. Issues Company Operations Bulletins (COB’s) and Information Circulars when required;  

  • Liaises with the regulatory authority on all matters concerning flight operations, including any variations to the Company’s Air Operator Certificate;

  • Ensures that company operations are conducted in accordance with current regulations, standards and company policy;

  • Ensures that crew scheduling complies with flight and duty time regulations, and that all crew members are kept informed of any changes to the regulations and standards.

  • Disseminates aeroplane safety information, both internal and external, in conjunction with the safety management system.

  • Oversees qualifications of flight and cabin crews.


  • Must hold an Airline Transport Pilot Licence

  • Any previous experience as a Flight Operations Manager/Director or any similar experience will be highly considereted

  • At least 3 to 5 years in a airline company

  • 3 to 5 years in a pilot in command position (705 as an asset)

  • Knowledge of aviation regulations, standards and recommended practices;

  • Able to demonstrate strong leadership, strategic vision and managerial competency

  • Highly commercial and customer focused with intellectual rigor

  • Natural team work skills

  • Excellent interpersonal et communication skills

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