Aircraft Lodmaster (CYHU)

(Permanent position/full time job/based at St-Hubert)



  • Provide assistance and guidance on the acceptability of special cargo for transportation on Company aircraft;

  • Responsible for the development and production of loading planning instructions, building "cookie sheets" for flights / cargo transports;

  • Control and support documentation for the management of hazardous materials;

  • Loading / unloading of the aircraft and the handling of the cargo;

  • Ensure that the handling of aircraft and cargo complies with all policies and regulations of the company and Transport Canada;

  • Ensure that clients receive a safe and quality service.


  • High school or equivalent work experience;

  • Good understanding of aircraft positions and heights and aircraft weight limitations;

  • Airline cargo and ground handling experience is required;

  • Bilingual;

  • Rigor.