Service and Cabin Safety Specialist

Service and Cabin Safety Specialist

Are you passionate about aviation? You would like to be part of the most successfull story of Quebec aviation? Would you like to play a key role in the success of your organization? Did you answer yes to all these questions? Chrono Aviation is looking for you! Join a young and dynamic team and join the rise of the best charter airline in Quebec!

Aircraft Lodmaster (CYHU)

(Permanent position/full time job/based at St-Hubert)



  • Provide assistance and guidance on the acceptability of special cargo for transportation on Company aircraft;

  • Responsible for the development and production of loading planning instructions, building "cookie sheets" for flights / cargo transports;

  • Control and support documentation for the management of hazardous materials;

  • Loading / unloading of the aircraft and the handling of the cargo;

  • Ensure that the handling of aircraft and cargo complies with all policies and regulations of the company and Transport Canada;

  • Ensure that clients receive a safe and quality service.


  • High school or equivalent work experience;

  • Good understanding of aircraft positions and heights and aircraft weight limitations;

  • Airline cargo and ground handling experience is required;

  • Bilingual;

  • Rigor.

Security Agent (CYHU)

Security Agent (CYHU)

The Security Agent will have to demonstrate professionalism and leadership. He / she will be oriented towards customer service, have the ability to communicate effectively during a crisis and deal with passengers in a professional manner.

Avionics Technician (CYQB/CYHU)

Avionics Technician (CYQB/CYHU)

The certified avionics technician will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of our fleet of aircraft and their components. This person will be a passionate wishing to evolve in a growing and dynamic team guided by the respect of the highest standards of security and quality.