Super King Air 350

Ultra-performance executive aircraft able to carry 8 passengers


This very high-performance twin-engine turboprop carries our clients at over 600 km/h, a speed similar to certain jets. Its maximum altitude of 35000 feet can be reached in less than 20 minutes. Passengers enjoy a roomy and comfortable cabin where they can conduct business or relax.

Our Super King Air 350 is equipped with "glass cockpit" technology and 3D vision avionics with satellite weather. This helps ensure the highest level of safety and meet Chrono Aviation's stringent standards.




  • Up to 8 passengers

  • 550 lbs. of luggage

Performance AND FEATURES

  • Cruising speed: 640 km/h

  • Maximum altitude: 10668 m (35000 pi)

  • Range: 2600 km

  • Pressurized cabin


  • Cabin height: 1,47 m (58 po.)

  • Cabin width: 1,37 m (54 po.)

  • Cabin length: 5,84 m (230 po.)

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