About Us

Safety comes first.

Chrono Aviation is a charter airline based in Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski. Our mission: to offer a service with safety as its core priority. The company is led by a pilot of a major airline in Canada who has more than 20 years of experience with the highest safety standards in aviation. We focus on pilot selection and training as well as aircraft maintenance.

Chrono Aviation is registered as a Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Aircraft Operator with the Flight Safety Foundation.


Training and maintenance

Chrono Aviation's pilots are constantly training at the best flight schools and in the world's most advanced flight simulators.

The maintenance of our aircraft will never be compromised in order to offer lower prices. Our monitoring and maintenance standards largely exceed the requirements of Transport Canada and are among the most stringent in the industry.

A new spirit

Proud to be at the forefront of technology, Chrono Aviation brings a new spirit of efficiency and dynamism to the field of aviation in Quebec. Our clients expect a high-end service without compromise on safety and comfort.

Because your time is precious, your aircraft chartered from Chrono Aviation leaves at the time you choose anywhere in Canada and the US.

Our employees feel safe aboard your aircraft.
— Mathieu Savard, VP Exploration, Quebec, Osisko Mining

Company history

Chrono Aviation was founded in Quebec City in 2012. At first, the charter airline operated a Pilatus PC-12 and employed two pilots. With its different philosophy focused on safety and brand new aircraft with state-of-the-art technology, Chrono soon attracted clients looking for a comfortable, efficient and safe flying experience.

After seven years of operation, Chrono Aviation now runs a fleet of 22 aircraft with a team of 250 employees. Chrono is the only airline in Quebec offering 9 to 120-passengers airplanes exclusively dedicated to charter services.

With bases in Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski, Chrono Aviation continues its expansion and strengthens its leadership in the aircraft charter industry across Quebec and Canada.

Béton Provincial has been using Chrono Aviation’s aircraft for close to two years. This company provides an outstanding service that meets all our company’s needs.
— André Bélanger, President, Béton Provincial